To Show Or Not To Show?

This post is for Challenge 2 of the Student Blogging Challenge.

I don’t think it is ever appropriate to put a picture of myself on this blog. It is for security purposes. If you search my blog on Google or any other search engine, I’m sure it will pop up. People around the world can see my picture, and it is not safe for myself. There are people who go on the internet for bad intentions, and I don’t want to be a victim of this horrid behavior. This goes the same for my last name, city, school, etc. They will never be disclosed in any¬†circumstances. Even on social networking sites, I have to know who you are for you to see my pictures and personal information. It’s for the safety of myself and family. As other people might¬†disagree, I personally think it’s never appropriate to post a photo of yourself on your blog.

lovelovelove, deja(:

5 thoughts on “To Show Or Not To Show?

  1. I feel the same. There are way to many weirdos in the world for us to be posting pictures of ourselves online. =)

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